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There are different ways to create an anti-corrosive protection through means of a coatings. This depends on the material that has to be protected against corrosion. CP Phenolics specialises in coating various metals and always applies state-of-the-art coating processes to ensure the best quality. In particular, we are a market leader in heat-cured phenolic coatings. We are happy to tell you all about this anti-corrosive protective lining and how we process our coatings to guarantee you the most effective corrosion protection for your situation.

Various coatings and applications with anti-corrosive protection

One of our most prominent anti-corrosive protection solutions are the phenol coatings. These are applied to protect the various heat exchangers as the phenol epoxy coating is heat-conductive and at the same time can withstand large temperature fluctuations of between -120°C and 220°C. It is also extremely resistant to corrosive alkaline and acid media, which makes the phenol coating a great protective lining against corrosion and erosion. Another field of application is our specially developed coating for the internal protection of sprinkler tubes to avoid MIC (Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion). This coating gives your tubes a significantly longer lifespan without leaking .

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If you are interested in a high-quality, reliable, and long-term solution for anti-corrosive protection, we are happy to tell you more about our coatings. All coatings we use for protection against corrosion are extensively tested until their effectiveness is fully proven. When your materials and products are treated we always carry out a visual check of the material and construction. We measure the layer thickness after each application and inspect the finished product according to various quality measures. Contact us to discuss your possible application by calling us on +31 (0)182 30 80 30, or filling in the contact form. Alternatively you can send us an email on