CP PHENOLICS® Internal coating for sprinkler pipe protection

We provide a line coating system developed specifically for internal sprinkler tube and pipe protection, especially to avoid MIC (Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion). This type of corrosion in particular causes a lot of major problems in sprinkler systems worldwide. CP MICSHIELD® is baked into the metal of the tubes and poses an excellent protection against all kinds of corrosion in your sprinkler pipe, including MIC corrosion. With this unique solution for sprinkler pipe protection, CP Phenolics is able to give guarantees up to 15 years on sprinkler systems.

A coating line for long-life sprinkler pipe protection

The precaution of Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion on a sprinkler pipe is of great importance to increase its life span. This type of corrosion results from deterioration caused by microbial activities. These are not only present in sprinkler systems, but – for example – in oil and gas treatment facilities as well. A large part of corrosion cases and internal leaks in pipelines are the result of MIC, which makes it one of the major corrosion problems in many industries. Because of our innovative coating solutions for sprinkler pipe protection, you always benefit from a high-quality solution in the long term. Moreover, we always apply coating solutions that are extensively tested.

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CP PHENOLICS is experienced in internal treatment with coatings of (deep-sea) pipelines, oil provers, and flowmeters. The coating gives tubes a long-life protection and at the same time an extremely smooth surface which will guarantees the precise measurements of the instruments. Do you want to receive more information about this special coating system? Or do you want to learn more about our other solutions, such as powder coating or phenol coating which protects heat exchangers? Then call us at +31 (0)182 30 80 30 or fill in the contact form. You can also send an email to info@cpphenolics.nl.

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Approach according to TNO towards MIC

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