CP PHENOLICS® Internal coating against MIC for pipelines and sprinkler tubes


Special developed coatsystem for internal protection of sprinkler tubes to avoid MIC (Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion). In particular this type of corrosion caused a lot of major problems in sprinkler systems worldwide. CP MICSHIELD® is baked into the metal of the tubes and poses an excellent protection against all kinds of corrosion including MIC. With this unique solution CP PHENOLICS B.V. is able to give guarantees up to 15 years on sprinkler systems.

CP PHENOLICS B.V. is experienced at internal treatment with coatings of (deepsea)pipelines, oil provers and flowmeters. The coating gives the tubes a long life protection and at the same time an extremely smooth surface which will guarantee the precise measurements of the instruments.

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Approach according to TNO towards MIC

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