Quality Control

Checking each execution step in the process according following inspections. Generated data will be included in a final report for the customer.

  • Visual check of material and construction of each to be treated items.
  • Pretreatment of the items: sandblasting / degreasing.
  • Surface cleanliness test in accordance with ISO 8501.
  • Bresle test in accordance with ISO8502-6 & 9.
  • Checking of the quality and viscosity of to be used coating.
  • To treat the items with the selected coating type & application method.
  • Check layerthickness after each application.
  • Check finished product by:

    • Adhesion test in accordance with ISO4624 en ASTM D 4541
    • Spark-test / holiday test
    • Pinhole test
    • Layer thickness test
    • Visual check
  • On customer request we can perform any tests with our nace inspectors.
  • ISO 9001 applies to the entire work process

CP PHENOLICS® coatings are tested, proven and trusted

CP PHENOLICS® coatings are based on original formulas which have track records over 30 years. Besides field experience our coatings has been tested in laboratories on resistance of 1983 types of aggressive media.

CP PHENOLICS® coatings also resist fouling by providing a smooth, glossy surface for fluid flow, they lower pressure drop through tubes. This will result in:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Better efficiency
  • Extended maintenance cycle