CP PHENOLICS BV is market leader in the treatment of boxcoolers with phenol heat-cured coatings. This is important for the protection against galvanic corrosion and combines this with high heat-conductivity properties.We have already treated thousands of boxcoolers with our various types of phenol heat-cured coatings. Coating of a box cooler is an advanced application that requires expertise and experience. Over the years, CP  Phenolics has optimize their coating process for maximum end result in quality for a coated box cooler in various sizes and designs.

Used Boxcooler coating

Also used boxcoolers need maintenance from time to time. Often this means that the boxcooler must be re-fitted with a protective layer with one of our baked phenolic coatings. Therein CP Phenolics BV stands at your service, whether it’s just applying a coating or Taking care of the  complete process at a service, incl. worldwide transportation. The CP Phenolics® Box Cooler Treatment Program is the best choice for optimal results.

CP PHENOLICS® Boxcooler treatment

After our treatment we deliver back a cooler that is as good as new which will bring back the full cool capacity and will last for years of intensive duty.

Coolers on arrival

Coolers after cleaning

Coolers after sandblasting

Coolers after coating

Coolers with coating and covers reinstalled

For more information and bennefits of a coated cooler, take a look at our Benefits page.