Benefits of a coated heat exchanger

Treatment of the shell tube with CP PHENOLICS® coating will lead to:

  • Low resistance coefficient (max. flow through the tubes)
  • Optimal heat transfer
  • High operational reliability
  • Extended lifetime of the heat exchanger

Application description:

The coating is a thermosetting coating of minimum 3 layers. Every layer gets an oven treatment on a different time and different temperature schedule. During the final polymerization session the coating layers cross link with each other on molecular level. Derived from this the coating offers high-end corrosion protection against all sorts of aggressive substances.

Cost reduction:

The aforementioned cases ensure that investment and maintenance costs will be reduced. We therefore recommend not only to provide a protective coating on new heat exchangers but also those heat exchangers who are in actual use.

Example case at Project BASF:

Entry temperature of condensate: 98 – 103 °C, cooling water speed: 0.3 m/sec.


Due to the absence of protective coating, there was a reduced heat transfer of more than 60% in 36 months!

CP PHENOLICS® coatings reduce costs

The treatment of industrial process equipment with our heat cured phenolic coatings will provide ordinary carbon steel with corrosion resistance equal or even exceeding to highgrade alloys, copper, brass, and most specialty metals. This saves on investment because of:

  • You can engineer using cheaper material
  • Extended lifecycle