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Is your company in need of epoxy coating services? To protect materials from corrosion and decay, you can make perfect use of CP Phenolics’ epoxy coating services. We specialise in various coating methods and have experience with coating many industrial products and components. Our wide range of services, in particular the application of heat-cured phenolic epoxy coating, have satisfied many of our clients. We always fulfil their high standards and provide them with bespoke results.

A wide range of high-quality epoxy coating services

We offer various epoxy coating services based on the preferences of our clients. Our heat-cured epoxy coating, for example, can be perfectly applied to increase the lifespan of a heat exchanger, which is essential to save maintenance costs within companies. Additionally, we offer thermosetting epoxy coating and fusion-bonded epoxy coating services. Do you need a specialist in powder coating  application to be ensured of high-quality powder coated steel? Then we are also happy to serve you completely.

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Do you want to use our epoxy coating services, such as the application of Carboline Plasite coatings? Do not hesitate to contact us and discover the features and effects of our epoxy coatings. Just tell us your preferences and purposes and we provide you with the best possible coating application. All of our coatings are extensively tested and we continuously inspect our processes and end products. Please call us at +31 (0)182 30 80 30, send an email to info@cpphenolics.nl or fill in the contact form.