Carboline Plasite coating

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A Carboline Plasite coating is used for tank lining. Every coating has its own set of benefits and features. The coatings are resistant to high temperatures and various chemicals. To what kind of chemicals and levels of heat the coating is resistant to, depends on the type of coating that is used. At CP Phenolics, we know all about the wide range of Plasite coatings that Carboline offers for tank lining. Therefore, we always offer the right Carboline Plasite coating.

Which Carboline Plasite coating for tank lining is the perfect fit for your situation?

We offer a variety of solutions, so that we always have the right epoxy coating that fits your needs. For example, we offer:

Because we offer a wide range of first-class coatings, we always have the perfect fit for your situation. We offer outstanding coating application for tank lining, so that pipes are resistant to chemicals. This means that – depending on the kind of coating that we use – the pipe can be resistant to fuels, salts, strong inorganic acids, alkalis, or various solvents.

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