Carboline Plasite 4110

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Carboline Plasite 4110 provides outstanding chemical and physical assets. It is a vinyl ester resin that is combined with a special curing system and inert flake pigment. This coating is specifically created for abrasion resistance. Carboline Plasite 4110 meets the FDA requirements for 21 CFR, 175.300 and 177.2420. At CP Phenolics, we offer this coating that is resistant to various chemicals.

What are the benefits of Carboline Plasite 4110?

Carboline Plasite 4110 is used for tank lining service. Besides that, it is a maintenance coating that is resistant to severe expose. Depending on the surface temperature, the cure time of Carboline Plasite 4110 is 1.75 hours to ten days. It is a high-chemical abrasion coating that has various benefits. For example, it meets the criteria of NSF/ANSI/CAN 600. A primer is optional, as the coating is self-priming to steel. If outgassing in concrete has to be controlled, the Dudick Primer 27 should be used. Dudick Scratch-Coat 800 is used as a pit and/or void filler and as a surfacer. To control Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT), the Dudick Vapor Stop should be used.

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