Carboline Plasite 7122

Many ways of coating

Environmentally friendly

Optimal heat transfer

Carboline Plasite 7122 is a lining-grade epoxy with wide chemical resistance. Therefore, this coating is suitable to use for aggressive atmospheric exposures. Besides that, it can be used as a lining for a variety of chemical exposures. The coating is very suitable for food-grade services. This is because – in connection with taste and odour – product purity is critical in this line of business. The experts at CP Phenolics are eager to tell you more about this coating.

The benefits of Carboline Plasite 7122

Carboline Plasite 7122 has thermal shock resistance. But besides that, it has various benefits. For example, it is a versatile coating that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. It is also resistant to abrasion and various fuels. Furthermore, a primer is not necessary, as Carboline Plasite 7122 is self-priming. It has a high-gloss finish, and the final cure is finished after five to seven days, depending on the surface temperature.

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