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Do you want to call upon the help of a specialist that offers industrial coating services? Discover all possibilities at CP Phenolics and benefit from a high-quality and bespoke solution. Our team is experienced in heat-cured phenolic coating applications and offers you a complete service and process to ensure optimal protection. As a market leader in this type of coating, we always fulfil the high standards expected by our customers. Moreover, our coatings are based on original formulas which have resulted in good track records over 30 years.

Industrial and phenolic coating services that result in high-end and durable products

Our phenolic coating service, and our industrial coating services in general, are focused on applications that lead to lower maintenance costs and more efficiency for our clients. To realise an optimal protection against corrosion, our coatings and linings are always tested accurately. This means that ‘tested, proven and trusted’ is our slogan: we provide our clients with industrial coating services that result in high-end coating products without losing sight of the environment.

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Heat-cured phenol epoxy coating, which is part of our complete service, is a great application that increases the performance and lifespan of a heat exchanger. We offer various types of epoxy coatings, such as:

Protecting against corrosion and erosion is very important to prevent deterioration, which can be prevented by this coating series. It is heat conductive and withstands large temperature fluctuations between -120°C and 220°C. If you want to learn more about our phenolic coating service, we are happy to give you more information based on your purposes.

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Discover our wide range of industrial coating services and discuss your specific problems. Besides our heat-cured phenol coating service, we also apply industrial coatings that protect sprinklers against Microbiologic Influenced Corrosion. Please contact us and enquire after the possibilities. Call us at +31 (0)182 30 80 30, fill in the contact form, or send an email to