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Let us apply an erosion-resistant coating on your products or components and benefit from a high-quality and durable solution. We specialise in various coating applications, which are extensively tested in laboratories. With the CP Phenolics coatings you benefit from reliable coatings that guarantee you the best erosion protection. Do you have a special request for an erosion-resistant coating? We are happy to advise you and most likely we will come up with a solution that fully meets your requirements.

An erosion-resistant coating with a proven effectiveness

Erosion is one of the major problems that causes the deterioration of industrial process components. It is often caused by friction between surfaces or between a surface and wear particles. Insufficient protection against erosion results in an increased downtime and less operational efficiency. Because this problem occurs in many industries, there is no straightforward solution to ensure an optimal erosion protection. Therefore CP Phenolics always makes sure that the effectiveness of the erosion-resistant coating is fully proven. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible durability and to decrease your maintenance costs significantly. One of the key services we offer is the application of a heat-conductive coating series. As market leader in this coating application, we can provide your industrial products and components with the most suitable erosion-resistant coating to ensure long-term protection.

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Do you want to learn more about our coating applications, such as heat-cured phenolic epoxy coatings, and benefit from optimal erosion protection? Please enquire after the possibilities based on your specific needs. Call us at +31 (0)182 30 80 30, or fill in the contact form. Alternatively you can send us an email on